Pictured is a 32tt Self Erecting Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane in the fully erected position being lifted from completion of its hire contract in Bristol by a 300tn Mobile Crane.

This concept allows site to maximise the use of this Self Erecting Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane which has a telescopic jib and has three unique height settings that allow a crane to be “locked off” at night or weekends, this can remove the need to over sail neighbouring properties. With a wind speed tolerance in lock off, of up to 129km/h and 20m under the hook height.

For additional advice on Crane selection and pre-construction planning please contact 01179 376687 (direct dial) or email the team: Sue Fitzpatrick – suefitzpatrick@sparrowcrane.co.uk Tim Williams –timwilliams@sparrowcrane.co.uk Sam Berry – samberry@sparrowcrane.co.uk