Lifting Logic are lifting equipment specialists, providing tool and equipment hire and sales for jacking, lifting, winching, material handling and safety requirements.

Items provided include; Alloy shackles, block grabs, pallet forks, pallet trucks, ratchet lashings, lever hoists, web slings, steel shackles, much tipping skips, sack trucks, man baskets, chain slings, chain blocks and roof sheeting beams.

Lifting Logic

Sparrow Mini Crawler Cranes provide Starlifter, IHI and Komatsu mini telescopic crawler cranes for hire and sale. The cranes are available across the UK as self drive machinery.

Mini cranes have low overall operating weight, compact dimensions, low headroom's, and have lifting capacities between 1 and 8 tonnes. Ideal for working in confined areas and are available with electric, diesel or propane power sources.

Sparrow Mini Cranes

Starlifter mini crawler cranes are compact and tough, and suitable for all types of terrain. The low overall operating weight, compact dimensions and alternative power sources allow the cranes to access sites other cranes simply cannot.

Tight spots and rough terrain pose no problems for the CX-3T and CX-8T Starlifter's. With 360° slew and telescopic boom providing accurate and safe load positioning, the compact and tough Starlifter's are highly maneuverable, Starlifter's provide unique lifting solutions, above or below ground... even afloat.

Starlifter Cranes

Sparrow Crane Hire provide crane rental service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Providing a full range of cranes, ancillary equipment and personnel to ensure your crane requirements are met and run smoothly. Whatever type of lift is required, we always supply the correct crane and associated services you require at the right price.

Sparrow Crane

Sparrows Installation Services have been formed to fulfil a requirement within the Sparrow Crane Hire Group to enable to group as a whole to offer a more comprehensive service for industry. Sparrows Installation Services comprises a team of well qualified, experienced engineers and tradesmen from within the removals industry to provide an extensive machinery installation and relocation service.

Sparrows Installation Services

Rapp-It is a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly. It is so simple to use, with no mixing or measuring required. Rapp-It has woven fibreglass substrate impregnated with a water activated polyurethane resin.

Major industries such as the mining, industrial, marine and agricultural environments are specific markets and areas of use for Rapp-It products.

Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage

Alatas crane services provides alternative source of original spare parts and crane service worldwide.

Alatas has 6 Offices and service stations located around the world in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Panama, Singapore and the USA. From these locations the company provides experienced Crane Service Engineers and supplies original and replacement crane spare parts.



Crane parts for Mobile, Crawler, Ship and Offshore cranes.

Parts are shipped worldwide fast.

Parts are supplied for American cranes, European cranes and Japanese crane manufacturers.

Crane Spare Parts


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