How are the mini tower cranes and self erecting cranes powered?

The self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes can be powered by mains electric power or a diesel generator. The cranes require three phase power at 380v-400v.

How are the self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes transported to site?

Self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes are transported either by towing to site if they are fitted with road axles. If the crane is fitted with non road axles (to allow the cranes to move around the site) they are be transported by low loader.

Are the self erecting cranes easy to erect on site?

The self erecting cranes erect themselves, the city type tower cranes will require a mobile crane to install and dismantle which will take longer (approximately 2 to 3 days).

What if access to the site is restricted?

Self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes can be lowered into restricted areas by mobile crane if required.

What sort of base should the self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes be operated on?

The ideal type of base is hardcore with steel plates under each outrigger or a concrete slab. Our engineers will be able to advise the best type of crane mounting during a site visit.

How are the self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes controlled?

The self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes are operated by remote control. This allows the operator to have sight of the load from the most appropriate position. This negates the need for a banksman for operation. A backup cable control can be used in the unlikely event the remote control fails for any reason

Is there any danger of the operator over loading the self erecting crane or mini tower crane?

The lifting capacities of the machine are set up during the crane installation. The crane operator will not access these settings. If the crane should be overloaded a warning signal is triggered and the crane movements will be restricted.

Can the self erecting cranes and mini tower cranes be used in high winds?

All cranes are fitted with wind speed meters that alert the crane operator of the wind speed on site. When not in use the slew brake is released to allow the crane to weather vane and alleviate the possibility of damage to the crane/site.

Do you have accessories available for hire?

Yes, we can offer crane alloy shackles, crane block grabs, pallet forks, pallet trucks, ratchet lashings, lever hoists, crane web slings, steel shackles, crane muck tipping skips, sack trucks, man baskets, chain slings, chain blocks and roof sheeting beams and many other accessories for more information please view www.liftinglogic.com

Does the max weight that can be lifted include lifting tackle & hook block weight of self erecting crane and mini tower crane?

No, these items will need to be subtracted from the lift capacity.

Do you offer training for self erecting tower cranes and mini tower cranes?

We follow the CPCS syllabus for pedestrian operated tower cranes, this is carried out once the crane is erected on site.

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